Aquarium Heater

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AW202231  A.G. Heater J-223  25W  18.5cm
AW202232  A.G. Heater J-223  50W  18.5cm 
AW202233  A.G. Heater J-223  75W  18.5cm
AW202235  A.G. Heater J-223  100W  34cm
AW202236  A.G. Heater J-223  150W  34cm 
AW202237  A.G. Heater J-223  200W  36cm 
AW202238  A.G. Heater J-223  300W  36cm 
AW206631  A.G. Heater H-663  50W  18.5cm  
AW206632  A.G. Heater H-663  100W  34cm  
AW206633  A.G. Heater H-663  200W  37.5cm 
AW206634  A.G. Heater H-663  300W  44cm 
AW206635  A.G. Heater H-663  500W  44cm 

●  Extra thick glass
●  Easy and precise setting of desired temperature
●  Sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains uniform temperature
●  Heating element is highly efficient and compact
●  Designed for extended use and complete safety

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