Automatic Heater

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FAE51018  Automatic Heater HA-25  25W  
FAE51019  Automatic Heater HA-50  50W  
FAE51020  Automatic Heater HA-75  75W  
FAE51023  Automatic Heater HA-150  150W  
FAE51022  Automatic Heater HA-200  200W  
FAE51024  Automatic Heater HA-300  300W  
FAE51025  Automatic Heater HA-400  400W  

●  Easy and precise setting of desired temperature
●  Thermometer-style temperature indicator is easy visible
●  Sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains uniform temperature
●  Heating element is highly efficient and compact
●  Designed for extended use and complete safety
●  Supplied with strong support clips and suction cups

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