Mineral PetFungus Cream

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W95S7096  Mineral PetFungus Cream  30ml  

●  Anti-fungus, anti-oxidation, and accelerates micro-vascular health;
●  Works for fungus on the skin and between the claws, absorb quickly, relieve itching;
●  Dead Sea water composition cleanse the affected area, promote metabolism and relieve discomfort;
●  With Shea butter, absorb quickly when receiving body heat, faster healing.
Smiley Pet cream works for fungus on the skin and between the claws. After the first use, a significant improvement can be observed. Yeast extract, Shea butter, olive, sesame and coconut oils help for faster healing, relieves skin irritation and skin softening.
Directions: Apply the cream on the affected area in circular movements. Use 3 times a day until recovers. Do not rinse.

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