Mineral ScarPet Cream

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W95S7095  Mineral ScarPet Cream  30ml  

●  Natural disinfection, softening scars, prevents stiffness, relieves discomfort and reduces pain;
●  Dead Sea minerals cleanse the affected area, strengthen cell membranes & improve skin renewal, relaxation of muscles & nerves;
●  With special exotic butters, strong penetration, effectively cure the scars;
●  Accelerates the metabolism, skin beauty and anti-aging.
Smiley Pet cream works quickly and efficiently in healing scars and post-surgery wounds. Improve elasticity of the skin and efficiently prevent rigidity of scars and associated pain. Disinfects, anti-septic, anti-bacterial; the cream is 100% natural, made of a blend of plants and flower extracts, roots, essential oils, nutritious vitamins, Dead Sea Minerals and butters.
Directions: Spread twice a day on the scar as necessary and allow to penetrate. The cream will be absorbed according to the body temperature.

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