Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover

urineoff range

Old urine residues or even fresh urine stains look disgusting and stink. One can wash away the puddle with bleach and thus get the bleach smell instead of urine. Still it’s ok, but what to do with old deposits? While urine been dried it forms into virtually insoluble uric acid crystals, and protein provides a kind of “petri dish” effect for microorganisms and microbes. So you can’t just wash it away with bleach – it still sticks there and stinks.

Urine-Off employs the unique bio-enzymatic technology of friendly bacteria & synergistic enzymes to destruct the uric acid crystals and completely eliminate any spot residues and odor. The enzymes in Urine Off are specifically developed to work in combination with the specially adapted microorganisms (bacteria) that actually dissolve those crystals and eat it away seasoned with protein, in addition to removing the other components of urine. Effectively removing these crystals is what distinguishes Urine Off from the rest of the products we've tested. With the source of the odor and the stain removed, the problem is solved. Urine Off has a pleasant citrus fragrance, and even that disappears when the product dries.

Bio-Pro Research LLC has launched a new range of “stain control" and “odor eliminating" products. All fluids employ the bio-enzymatic technology – contain no any chemicals at all then they are completely safe to use. Coffee Off and Wine Off use this technology to destruct organic residues and completely eliminate the stain altogether with the odor. Actually the bacteria somehow dissolve the organic residues and eat it away, leaving untouched all inorganic stuff.

Urine Off is the only product that carries the “Seal of Approval” from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the U.S. Carpet Authority. Urine Off is the only product endorsed by Interface Flooring for efficiency and is the official show-ring cleaning agent for Crufts, the world’s largest dog show. All Urine Off products are “Green”; they meet strict EU standards for bio-degradability.